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Notes from our Meet and Greet Meeting in September 2023

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Year 1 Group Newsletters 2023-2024

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What we are learning

Here is our curriculum for this year:


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Art and design

Self Portraits

Children will develop their drawing and colouring skills through a series of self-portraits, using mirrors to draw from observation.



Spring inspired painting

Children select and shape suitable materials to create a desired finished artefact


Tell me a dragon

Children use clay and acrylic paint to create a 3D dragon eye



Online Safety

Digital Painting

Explore and use the paint app to create illustrations

Moving a Robot Explore control, directional language and programming

Technology around us

Exploring how the web works and that we are all connected via access to the internet

Grouping Data

Young investigators

Explore how to search on the internet and develop basic web skills

Design Technology


Templates and joining techniques

Children explore and learn the first steps of joining fabric through sewing.


Preparing Fruit and Vegetables

Children will learn basic food preparation techniques to prepare food for a fruit salad.


Free-standing structures

Children will design, make and evaluate an enclosure for a knight to trap a dragon. They will learn about how to combine techniques and materials


Who Am I

They investigate their local area, their natural - physical, managed and constructed human features, and the activities located in them

The UK

The topic places Whitehaven their local town in the context of the wider UK naming and identifying the key characteristics of the four countries. The sequence covers the UK and the surrounding seas.

Food Glorious Food

This topic provides a study of food and farming within the context of the children’s own locality.  Children develop their understanding of towns /cities and urban/rural. 


Dangerous Dragons

This topic provides a study that widens children’s geographical context to a contrasting locality in Cumbria – Carlisle. Children will be given opportunities to use maps to locate castles across the county and find castles near to them. 


Who Am I

Children study of the recent past, the present and the near future within the context of our children’s own world. Children are given opportunities to explore how changes occur over time in relation to themselves, their own families, and the places they and others belong to.


Dangerous Dragons

Through history, children explore the origin of Carlisle Castle in time by placing Kings and Queens on a timeline.  This develops the sense of chronology and that Carlisle castle was a long time ago. Children formulate simple questions to explore though the topic.


Hey You!

Exploring how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together

Rhythm in the way we walk and Banana Rap

Exploring pulse, rhythm and pitch, rapping, dancing and singing

In the Groove

Exploring different styles of music

Round and Round

Exploring Pulse, rhythm and pitch in different styles of music.

Your Imagination

Using our imaginations to explore and create music.

Reflect, rewind, replay.

Exploring the history of music, look back and consolidate your learning, learn some of the language of music


Fundamentals and net and wall

Gymnastics and ball skills





Target games and sending and receiving


Athletics and team building

Invasion games


Striking and fielding

Religious Education

Creation story

We are learning to re-tell the Christian Creation story and to explore how this influences how Christians behave towards nature and the environment.


We are learning to reflect on the Christmas story and decide what gifts would be meaningful for Jesus.

Jesus as a friend

We are learning to identify when it is easy and difficult to show friendship and to explore when Jesus may have found it difficult.

Easter – Palm Sunday

We are learning to know that Jesus is special to Christians and how His welcome on Palm Sunday shows this.


We are learning to empathise with Jewish children by understanding what they do during Shabbat and why it is important to them.

What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

Children learn about belonging and how religious people show they belong to their faith community. They will learn about ways babies are welcomed in religions and the promises made at weddings. They will think about their own network of belonging and how we all belong to someone


Me and my relationships

Children create and understand why classroom rules are important. They recognise and can express their feelings. Children know how to access help.

Valuing difference

Children recognise and celebrate differences between themselves and others. Children develop tolerance and recognise what is fair and unfair.


Keeping myself safe

Children learn that our feelings as there to help keep us safe. They can explain ways to keep themselves healthy and know medicine must be prescribed by a Dr.

Rights and responsibilities

Children can describe their own responsibilities and know how to look after things that belong to them and others. Children will learn how to care for the school environment.


Being my best

Children will develop a growth mind-set and know how to respond positively to feedback. They will know how their behaviour affects others around them.

Growing and changing

Children will learn about different things we need as we change and grow. They will learn the names of major internal body parts. Children understand what bullying is and know what to do if witnessed or experienced.



Seasonal Change

Children observe changes across the four seasons and observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.

Animals including Humans: Part 1: Animals; Part 2: Me and My Body

Children identify, name, describe and compare a variety of common animals. They also identify, name, draw and label basic parts of the human body and learn about their senses.

Seasonal Change



Children identify, name, and describe a variety of common wild and garden plants and trees

Seasonal Change


Everyday Materials

Children distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. They name and identify a range of materials and their properties