At Jericho, we wish to ensure that pupils with medication needs receive appropriate care and support at school.

Before requesting the school to administer medication parents/carers are asked to consider the following:

  • Children should be kept at home if acutely unwell or infectious. (Please refer to the Public Health Agency guidance poster below: Do I need to keep my child off school?)
  • Wherever possible, can the dosage of medicine be arranged to be administered before or after school – rather than during the school day.

Where this is not possible, the school will follow the guidelines and procedures set out in our policy below.

Any medication administered in school requires CONSENT from parents/carers.

CONSENT FORM: Please click on the link below to download the appropriate form.

Please note that we must have the medicine in the original packaging.  If this is prescription medication then the medication must have the original label from the pharmacy.  Please make sure that with all medicines, we are given patient information leaflets.   

Any child who requires emergency medication, for example, EpiPen etc we will draw up an Individual Health Care Plan in conjunction with the appropriate professionals.

Supporting Children with Medical Needs

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