At Jericho, we are all musicians! We want our children to love and celebrate music. We want their ambitions to have no limits and grow up believing they can be music producers, songwriters, composers or popstars! We want them to embody our core values and allow creativity and adventure to be at the centre of their musical journey. The music curriculum has been carefully constructed so that our children develop their musical capital. We want our children to remember and look forward to their music lessons, to cherish these memories and embrace the musical opportunities they are presented with. As a school, we have invested in in providing specialist instrumental teachers to deliver violin and ukulele lessons to children in KS2. Bringing music alive is important at Jericho Primary School.

Curriculum Intent

  • The music curriculum promotes curiosity and a love and thirst for learning. It is ambitious, progressive and empowers our children to become independent and resilient.
  • We want to equip our children with not only the minimum statutory requirements of the music National Curriculum but to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. For example, at Christmas our children put together a musical concert for their parents and loved ones in our local church. The children sang a collection of their favourite festive songs, spreading Christmas cheer to all who attended.
  • We are committed to providing a range of musical opportunities for all and firmly putting music on the map!
  • We want our children to learn from other cultures, respect diversity, co-operate with one another and appreciate what they have. We achieve this by providing a strong SMSC curriculum, with British Values and our core values placed at the heart of everything we do. This often feeds into our music curriculum.
  • We enrich their time in our school with memorable, unforgettable experiences and provide opportunities, which are normally out of reach- this piques their interests and passions. At Jericho children have extra opportunities to broaden musical experiences by joining choir or learning a musical instruments, where they can perform at local events or in the community.
  • We firmly believe that it is not just about what happens in the classroom, it is about the added value we offer to really inspire our children.